About Me
Who is your EnergyTouch® Practitioner?

Mary Catherine Rondenet

Life Transition Coach/IPEC Certified Professional Coach/EnergyTouch® Practitioner/Breath Coach

Congratulations on your decision to explore multiple levels of well-being and growth through EnergyTouch®!

I bring both breadth and depth to my work as an EnergyTouch® practitioner, including in my approach the philosophies of Carl Jung, Rudolph Steiner, Carolyn Myss, and Energy-Touch® training by founder Tricia Eldridge, herself a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

I also bring the compassion and peace that comes from firsthand experiences of frustration, compassion, obstacles overcome, and tragedies transformed. Born the sixth child of a couple who were still grieving a recent stillbirth, my own hearing and learning disabilities were discovered only after years of frustration—and a severe lack of faith in myself—led me to temporarily abandon higher education.

After finally learning that my disabilities made me different but not less, I began to conquer the difficulties they presented . . . and explore the gifts they offered. I found in myself a compassion for differences. A determination to conquer obstacles. A rich inner world that otherwise, I might never have developed. I went back to college, finished with honors, and began to explore ways to help others who face roadblocks.

Everyone carries with them pain from their past and a vision of who they can be. I am deeply committed to helping people find, feed and embrace those visions. In my work as an EnergyTouch® practitioner, I hold the space in which clients can resolve the energy drains and blocks that hold them back. I help to move that energy so that instead of holding pain in place, it flows and feeds the soul.


We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
– Joseph Campbell